Creamy porcini mushroom
calvados soup


Reindeer roast


Crème Brûlée

52 €

Wine package: 30 €

Tastes of Lapland

King crab soup


Reindeer roast and
smoked reindeer mousse


Arctic char


White chocolate cake

58 €

Wine package: 40 €

Chef’s Tasting

5 portions

65 €

Wine package: 50 €

Limited edition:


King crab soup


Beef tenderloin gratinated with pepper cream cheese, roasted root vegetables in maple syrup and madeira sauce


Arctic char, asparagus, hollandaise sauce and cold smoked roe


Arctic Signature

“White choco frost with a golden heart, painted by the northern sun.”

Our Signature dessert has been created in honor of our restaurant’s 6th anniversary in collaboration with a local bakery Choco Deli.

42 €